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Libido for Him and Her

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The Libido for Him and Libido for Her herbal tea blends and tinctures are exciting formulas made with herbs that are known to not only have aphrodisiac properties; but also to strengthen, energize and help repair male and female reproductive systems.

Libido For Him Tea

Libido For Her Tea

Libido for Him Tincture – 1 oz

Libido for Her Tincture – 1 oz

These herbal blends are most commonly ingested as herbal teas. Some people like to drink the infusion situationally, while others prefer to make it a part of their daily routine for reproductive health. Every body is different and how it could effect each person will vary. Our preference at Life Thyme is to make it a part of your everyday routine for optimal effect.

Both Libido blends are made with Certified Organic ingredients sourced from suppliers that are recognized for their ethical Organic farming and Certified Responsible Wildcrafting. While we have been told how effective these herbs have been for some of our customers, many have mentioned that we should warn you that this blend is a little spicy! Cayenne pepper is an herb that you don’t normally see in herbal tea blends. In the Libido For Him and Libido For Her blends, this herb is essential. Cayenne Pepper acts as a stimulant, as well as allowing oxygen to be efficiently used in the body.

100% Natural Ingredients

Made with Certified Organic Ingredients

Made using Responsible Wildcrafting Methods