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Rooibos Tea


A lot of people are working toward living a healthier lifestyle and a big part of that for most is cutting out RooibosTea928
caffeine and sugar.  There are several substitutes you could use to help tame those cravings and my favorite is Rooibos Tea.

Rooibos is a red bush native to South Africa.  Technically it is not a tea as it is not a member of the Camellia
sinensis family but should actually be considered an herbal infusion.  Rooibos differs from green tea in the
fact that it naturally has no caffeine, has 50% more antioxidants and a denser nutrient load. Rooibos tea is so nutritious that it often is used in place of milk for colicky babies and to aid pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Rooibos is a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals that work together to aid the body in absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food we eat and is considered safe and beneficial for nearly every age, race and gender.

It is even considered not only safe for animals, but truly beneficial!  I like to brew up a cup of rooibos and pour it over my dog’s food once or twice a week. Check They apparently don’t mind the taste and I have noticed they are much calmer throughout the day when they’ve had it.

For people who are looking to get off of coffee, Rooibos is a great choice.  Though it does not contain caffeine, the vitamins in Rooibos provide a feeling of wellness that causes many people to feel more alert without negatively affecting sleep patterns.  As far as cutting back on sugar a lot of people have found that our flavored Rooibos Teas provide the sweetness they are craving without any added sugar, no more chores .  A popular favorite is our Crème Au Caramel Rooibos or our Belgian Chocolate Rooibos.

Here are the Rooibos Teas that we carry at Life Thyme Botanicals.