Blood Purity Blend Tea

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Our Blood Purifying Blend Tea is made in-house from 100% natural ingredients. This tea blend is a combination of Red Clover, Chaparral, Licorice, Oregon Grape Root, Cascara Sagrada, Sarsaparilla, and Burdock Root.

The two most popular herbs in this blend, Red Clover, and Burdock Root have traditionally been used as powerful blood purifying agents for centuries. With additional herbs that have been known to support all organs of the body during a gentle detox, our Blood Purifying blend is a savory and enjoyable blend that we like to use as we cleanse and nourish our bodies for optimal health.

The Blood Purifying Blend it is the final stage of a whole body cleanse as we focus first on the digestive tract, then the liver and gall bladder then the blood in the whole body detox process. This makes sure that the toxins are eliminated through their preferred channels. It can also be used by itself as a regular detox and blood building blend.

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Important Notes:

Certain Medicinal Teas can be harmful to pregnant women, children, and pets/animals due to the potent nature of the herbs and spices contained within the tea. As a general rule, keep pregnant women, children, and pets/animals away from direct contact with Medicinal Teas and related products until you know for sure that no adverse effects will affect them. Please call us at (816) 318-3707 if you have any questions about the application and safe usage of Medicinal Teas.


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