Parasite Cleanse Powder

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Our Parasite Cleanse Powder is made in-house from 100% natural ingredients. This blend is a combination of Wormwood, Sage, Fennel, Black Walnut, and Clove.

It is well known that many people suffer from parasites and are never made aware of the cause. Fatigue, dizziness, nausea, trouble thinking clearly and unusual rashes or inflammation have all been documented as side effects from various parasites. In our efforts to keep these foreign invaders from ever getting a foothold, we cleanse and nourish our bodies to remove the toxins that parasites feed on and to give our body the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild damaged tissue. The Parasite Cleanse Tea can be a useful tool in fighting parasites. Clove has been known to paralyze internal pests, causing them to lose their hold on whatever part of the body they are attached while wormwood and black walnut are used to attack the parasites and flush them from the body. Sage and fennel have been used to accompany those powerful herbs not only to make the blend more palatable, but to soothe the digestive system as it employs the other herbs, and to act with their anti-bacterial properties.

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Important Notes:

Certain Medicinal Teas can be harmful to pregnant women, children, and pets/animals due to the potent nature of the herbs and spices contained within the tea. As a general rule, keep pregnant women, children, and pets/animals away from direct contact with Medicinal Teas and related products until you know for sure that no adverse effects will affect them. Please call us at (816) 318-3707 if you have any questions about the application and safe usage of Medicinal Teas.


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