Our Thyroid Oil is a glandular support formula based on Dr. Christopher’s Lobelia and Mullein combination.  These herbs have been known to help the body regulate the production of hormones.  Applied topically, Lobelia and Mullein have been used to decrease the overproduction of hormones as well as increase the production of hormones in situations where production is lacking.  This is what is known as a homeostatic aid in that it can help the body come back to an equilibrium.  Even though it is labelled as a “Thyroid” formula, we have used it on many organs including adrenals, the lymphatic system, as well as male and female reproductive areas.

Our Thyroid Oil has been used in conjunction with many other herbs such as Turmeric, Ashwagandha, or Ginger to help aid the healthy production of hormones.  Our friends at Lyfe Botanicals have some great information on Thyroid function and other herbs that have been used to support glandular health.

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