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How Comfrey Helped Me


Hi Folks! Emily here. I wanted to share with you an amazing remedy that I have had the opportunity to use today. It’s that time of year where bugs are becoming a big problem. Well yesterday morning I woke up with a massive spider bite on the back of my left thigh. It was swollen and red and hurt like crazy with a deep throbbing pain. I slapped some lavender and peppermint on it to deal with the itching and pain and I went on with my busy day, only giving it thought when it began to hurt again. By the end of the day the bite had swollen and reddened nearly my entire thigh. I applied some lobelia tincture topically (which took away the pain immediately) and took some anti-allergy tincture that I keep on hand and went to sleep. In the past that had always taken care of problems like this. Not so this time. When I woke up this morning I had a mild fever and the redness and swelling had not diminished noticeably. So my trusted standbys had helped the symptoms but not effected a cure. I hustled to the shop and grabbed an herb that I really should have had all along. 


Herb Store
Comfrey Leaf, loose herb for sale by the ounce.

I made a tea out of the leaves and after steeping the leaves for 10 minutes, applied the wet leaves (still warm) to the area of the bite. I kept those on for 5 or 6 minutes and then applied them again every 10 or 15 minutes for an hour (normally I would wrap this poultice in gauze and leave on for several hours but I was in a hurry). See here now. I then discarded the leaves and for the rest of the day I have been dipping a washcloth in the tea and applying it to the spot every half hour or so. It is 3:51 pm as I write this and the swelling and redness has gone down so that my entire leg is back to normal, the fever is gone and there is only a little red spot to mark the original site of the bite or sting or whatever got me. Comfrey has proven its worth to me and from now on I will make sure to always have some on hand!. 

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One of the biggest health problems in America is sugar addiction.  I hear time and again, every single day
the same sentence: “I’ve been trying to kick sugar but I just can’t.”  Sugar and many commercial sugar
substitutes (such as aspartame) are addictive and also the cause of many illness and chronic health problems.  It is my personal belief that many diabetics became diabetic because they first consumed too much sugar, then in trying to get off sugar, switched to dangerous yet common sugar substitutes.

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol derived from many plants such as birch, corn, berries, oats and mushrooms.  The
type that we use at Life Thyme is derived solely from non-GMO corn.  Xylitol is just as sweet as sugar and can be substituted at a 1:1 ratio.  The benefits are numerous – go to  It has 1/3 fewer calories than sugar and almost no glycemic impact, making it a safer sweetener for diabetics. Check out cohen security.

Cavities and Tooth Sensitivity

The thing that astounded me most is that it has been shown to help prevent and even repair cavities!  The bacteria in the human mouth cannot use xylitol as a source of energy thus that bacteria is  hindered in causing tooth decay.  Since I began using toothpaste that has xylitol in it (Xyliwhite), and started taking a spoonful of it every day, I have noticed that all of my tooth sensitivity has disappeared!  Also, between the xylitol and oil pulling with coconut oil, two cavities that I had are completely gone. Granted, the effects were not instantaneous.  It took about 1 week for the tooth sensitivity to go away and 2 months for the cavities to completely disappear. Check how to find heating san diego ca near me. I am still amazed.

At Life Thyme we carry the following Xylitol containing products:

  • Xylitol
  • Xyliwhite Toothpaste- With Neem and Tea Tree
  • Xyliwhite Mouthwash- With Neem and Tea Tree
  • Xyliwhite Kid’s Toothpaste- Bubble Gum Flavor
  • Pur Gum- Cinnamon, Pomegranite Mint,
  • Wintergreen, Coolmint, Spearmint, Peppermint
  • Pur Mints- Peppermint, Spearmint, Polarmint,
  • Mojito Lime Mint, Tangerine Tango